Hey there, I’m Kendra…
& I can’t wait to meet you!

Welcome to my little corner of the world.  I’m just a simple, small town girl, lovin’ this life, working my dream job and taking it all in one day at a time...with lots of deep breaths (and coffee) along the way.  My family...they’re my tribe, my whole world revolves around them. They have learned to love (or at least deal with) my fast paced, craziness because let’s face it, if I don’t fill every second of my day,  I’m bored.  I’m a sports lovin’ gal and a tomboy...and oh yeah, I LOVE Iced Coffee. Like I seriously can’t wait to fill my cup as soon as I wake up & I buy 3 jugs at a time to make sure I never run out. That’s how much I love it.   Oh...and if I'm not in my office working (which is rare), I'm probably out at the ball diamond or in the gym cheering on my kiddos. 

So about my awesome family...I’ve been married to Todd for almost 24 years and we’re pretty much complete opposites, yet he’s perfect for me.  And he cooks...really well!  Btw, I hate to cook..and I’m really bad at it.  He’s the calm to my crazy and will forever be my guy.  Our kiddos are Jake (21), Kenz (19) and Ty (14)...and I love the stage of life we’re in.  They’re all just good, hard working humans...and I love that Todd and I had a little part in that.  And I can’t forget Bo, our golden doodle puppy.   He’s my 4th child, my sweet, little furball that is the only one who still jumps up and down Every. Single. Time I walk in the door.

And about me and this job of grabbed me and held on tight over 15 years ago...and what a ride it’s been.  I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s a little crazy I know, but every day I get up & I look forward to doing my job (after I pour my coffee).  My photog brain never shuts off, and that’s OK...because this is quite possibly the Most. Rewarding. Job. Ever.  Creating what I see and what I feel, connecting with the humans in front of my lens, getting them to let their guard down enough that a little piece of their soul shines through...those are the reasons I do what I do every day.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by, I’m so glad you’re here...and I hope I get to meet you soon! And just a warning, I’m a hugger…so plan to be hugged…I rarely finish a session without one!








Let’s Do This

Photography is an investment...and investment in you and your life.  Before you know it, your babies will be like mine...all grown up, too big to pick up and hold and smooch on.  Document those little moments, invest in a quality photography experience so years from now you can look at those images on the wall and still feel them, still remember all the wonderful details of that moment.  

And why choose me…because I love what I do and I’ll never settle for average.  “Fine” is a bad word. I want gorgeous images created with beautiful light, gorgeous colors, & magical moments…I want every session to be custom to you, a reflection of who you are.  So bring your ideas, your dreams, your favorite Starbucks drink or book. Bring whatever makes you YOU. And I’ll bring whatever makes me ME. Trust me, we’ll be good! <3

Most of our session prices include the Session Fee and Digital Files.  I also give you access to one of the best pro labs out there, at lab cost.  Once I deliver your digital images, I'll help guide you through the rest of the process.  And trust me, you're going to love the final product!



Starting at $350



Starting at $350



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Kind Words

In photographing families & children, KPP is the absolute best! Kendra is fun, flexible, and a blast to work with. She has captured countless photographs of my family, which will remain perfect snapshots of that time for many years to come. After seeing the quality and passion that goes into Kendra’s work, I would recommend KPP to everyone!
Capturing just the right moment is a special gift and Kendra not only captures the one you love, but she does it with so much grace, kindness and professionalism. From the moment Kendra took my children’s pictures a few years ago, I knew I would ask her to take Nolan’s senior pictures. She has blessed our family with photographs that are vibrant, captivating, and absolutely beautiful; we will cherish each and everyone of them all the days of our lives.
— Nolan Roseman {Rantoul Class of ‘19}
Thank you so much Kendra for a super fun Senior Picture Session! I think we both laughed the whole time. You are so awesome to work with, I love that you don’t just take pictures, you capture moments!
— Gracyn Allen {Heritage Class of ‘19}
Working with Kendra was amazing. She really knew how to make Lauren feel so comfortable and relaxed and the pictures came out beautiful! Kendra took a potentially stressful senior pic photo session and turned it into a very fun day for us. We will treasure these photos for a lifetime!
— Lauren O’Donnell {BCC Class of ‘19}
We’ve been clients of Kendra for over 10 years now. From our first newborn session to our third, there has never been a disappointment. She makes coming back year after year so easy because she is absolutely amazing at her job. Kendra captures my family so beautifully. Here passion for photography shines through when watching her do something she obviously truly loves.
— The Ray Family
Kendra Pence Photography is one of a kind. The experience that my daughter and I received on her senior session was unbelievable from the moment we step out of the car until the day we picked up our beautiful photographs. Kendra was so much fun that day and it will be a day that my daughter and I will never forget. Kendra’s ideas for our session were way above our expectations. Her vision to bring out Bailey’s beauty in every shot and taking the time to find the right locations with her outfits was amazing. I smiled after the first photo was taken and knew we were in good hands. What a fun, relaxing day provided by Kendra. Our reviews of our pictures were top notch and wonderful experience. I am grateful that Kendra Pence shared our special day, and I know you will too.
— Bailey Coffman {BCC Class of ‘19}
Kendra Pence Photography offers a one of a kind photo experience. Every session is unique and filled with originality, which keeps my family coming back for more. Kendra has a gift for working with children and has captured so many special moments for my family. Every time I pick up my order, I am in complete awe of the beauty that Kendra has captured. I am so grateful that Kendra is our family photographer...and you will be too!
— The Buhr Family
My senior year has been full of memorable moments, but my favorite was my photo session with Kendra. We laughed and had so much fun! And my pictures turned out better than I could have imagined!
— Rachel Gherna {SJO Class of ‘19}
Our family has had the honor of being clients of Kendra Pence Photography since the birth of our first son. We have come back for all the important milestones every parent wants captured, time and time again. Kendra is simply the best at her craft. She goes beyond what we imagine is possible with three energetic boys and a girl and we are in awe of how she captures their true personalities. Kendra is always kind, fun-loving and patient with our kids. The whole process from our photo session to ordering is an enjoyable time and we are so fortunate to be clients of KPP.
— The Waters Family

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